Casting SMALL Surface Plugs for Striped Bass

In this video, Capt. Mike joins Capt. Mike Zammito of Godspeed Charters for a day of fishing the rips off of Monomoy for Striped Bass. The name of the game was downsizing our topwater offerings to match the small forage the Striped Bass were feeding on. The NEW @HogyLures Surface Eraser allowed for various retrieves and long distance casting, which was perfect for targeting these finicky Striped Bass!

Hogy Surface Eraser Striped Bass Casting

Striped bass fishing at Monomoy offers an exhilarating angling experience amidst the picturesque coastal landscape. As the seasons shift, so do the striped bass migrations, drawing anglers to the Monomoy Rips and Shoals where these prized predators converge. The powerful currents create a dynamic environment, teeming with baitfish and various gamefish. Monomoy's storied history and its reputation as a renowned fishing destination make it a must visit for anglers on Cape Cod.


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