Combo Trip | Jig Seabass | Topwater Stripers

Captain Mike's Adventure: Captain Mike embarks on a fishing trip with friends, starting from Falmouth Harbor. The goal is to catch a mix of stripers and seabass using the Hogy system.

Fishing Techniques: The trip involves different fishing techniques, including topwater striper techniques and jigging for seabass during slack tide.

Jig Biki System: Captain Mike explains the versatility of the Hogy Groundfish Biki Jig, designed to imitate crabs and lobsters, which are common forage for seabass.

Effective Fishing Strategies: The video emphasizes the importance of structure and current in fishing, adjusting tactics based on the conditions to maximize catches.

Topwater Action: Later in the trip, Captain Mike switches to topwater fishing for stripers using the Hogy Charter Grade Popper, a favorite for mimicking squid.

Conservation Efforts: The video highlights the importance of conservation, participating in the Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries citizen science program to track the survivability of catch-and-release striped bass.


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