Early Season Albie Fishing | Casting Surface Plugs

In this video, Capt. Mike heads out aboard his 28' Contender in search of some early season False Albacore. The crew didn't have to travel far before they were in the middle of feeding fish! The Surface Eraser allowed for various retrieves and long-distance casting, which was perfect for targeting False Albacore!

Catching false albacore on Cape Cod offers an exhilarating angling experience. These migratory speedsters are drawn to the Cape's productive waters during late summer and fall, showcasing their aggressive feeding behavior in dazzling surface frenzies. With their preference for chasing baitfish near structures like sandbars and rocky points, Cape Cod becomes a prime location for targeting these powerful fish. Anglers can employ techniques such as casting metal jigs and soft plastics on medium to heavy spinning tackle, while closely observing the water's surface for signs of feeding activity.

Hogy Surface Eraser 3 Retrieves

Skippy Retrieve: Begin your retrieve with your rod tip at a high angle upwards, use a fast speed retrieve to allow the Surface Eraser to skip and dart across the surface, with occasional dives underwater. Begin dropping your rod tip angle as the lure gets closer to the boat.

Softbait Retrieve: With your rod tip at a 45-degree angle, use a medium-fast speed retrieve with rapid, erratic rod tip twitches for a sub-surface soft bait style action. Begin dropping your rod tip angle as the lure gets closer to the boat.

Needlefish Retrieve: Begin your retrieve with the rod tip near the water's surface, Use a medium-slow steady retrieve to allow a natural side-to-side kicking action as the eraser is retrieved.


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