Teaser Assist Hook - Mustad Hoodlum Hook

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  • Mustad Hoodlum Assist Hook
  • Sabiki Flash + Mylar Teaser
  • 240lb Kevlar Shock Cord
  • Stainless Solid Ring Included
  • Pairs Perfectly With A Variety of Metal Jigs

Teaser Assist Hooks: At Hogy, we believe in using “universal" components whenever possible. At Hogy, universal means that it is a hook, rig or lure that we feel is equally suitable for inshore species such as tarpon and stripers in addition to offshore fish, such as bluefin tuna and this hook fits the bill perfectly.

Our ASSIST HOOKS feature a solid ring, kevlar cord and a MUSTAD Hoodlum assist hook that is so sharp, you stick fishes in places you didn’t know they cook be stuck.

4/0: Perfect light tackle jigging on small profile jigs. We recommend this size for pairing with Squinnow Jigs, Peanut Jigs, smaller Epoxy Jigs and small Sand Eel Jigs.

6/0: These pair perfectly with jigs in the 4" - 6" range including Herring Jigs, Flutter Pitch, Sand Eel Jigs and 2oz Epoxy Jigs.

8/0: Ideal for pairing with a variety of our larger Sand Eel Jigs, 4oz Tuna Epoxy Jigs, and larger Flutter Pitch jigs.

10/0: The largest assist hooks we make are ideal for big tuna and most anglers prefer these hooks on jigs 8oz and up, though they are suitable on our 6.5oz Sand Eel jig if you are targeting giant Bluefin Tuna.

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