Jigging for Weakfish | Upper Buzzards Bay | Fall Run

In this video, Capt. Mike and crew stumble upon an uncommon occurrence here on Cape Cod, a stellar Weakfish bite! Armed with the ultra-versatile Hogy Surface Eraser, the crew got to jigging and managed to successfully catch and release a bunch of Weakfish!

Weakfish fishing on Cape Cod was once a celebrated activity. As the years passed, however, the weakfish population in Cape Cod has seen a notable decline. Many factors, including overfishing, habitat loss, and changing water temperatures, have contributed to their decreasing numbers. Today, catching a weakfish in Cape Cod waters is a bit of a rarity, making it all the more remarkable for the passionate angler.

Weakfish Surface Eraser Twitch Jigging DiagramWeakfish Twitch Jigging Retrieve: Allow the Eraser to sink to the bottom, then begin using a short, slow twitching method to work the plug 3' - 10' above the bottom. Use frequent pauses to allow the plug to flutter and fall.

Speed Jigging Weakfish Hogy Eraser Plug

Weakfish Speed Jigging Retrieve: This method allows anglers to quickly work the water column for fish suspended mid-depth. Allow the Eraser to sink to the bottom, then begin quickly jigging it towards the surface, once you've reached mid-depth, allow the plug to settle towards the bottom and begin the quick twitch retrieve method and repeat. This method is great when fish are feeding aggressively on suspended bait.

Weakfish Slow Jigging Retieve Diagram

Weakfish Slow Jigging Retrieve: Allow the Eraser to sink to the bottom, then using a medium-speed twitching action, work the plug up several feet then allow it to flutter and fall back to the bottom. Repeat this action until the plug is vertical from the angler and repeat the cast.


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