Light Tackle Surface Stripers on Epoxy Jig Lures®


1. Skippy Retrieve: Reel “reel”-y fast on topwater so the baits are skipping across the surface

2. Slow Retrieve: reel slow through the school to create a wobble-like presentation and slowly work your way through the school you're targeting

3. Tip Down Twitch Retrieve: Sink your baits under the school and with the tip in the water, burning it super-fast through the school. The further the lure is out, the higher the tip should be. In return, the closer the lure is to the boat, the lower the tip should be until it is in the water. If the lure starts leaping, either slow down or lower your tip.

4. Slow Approach: The more you run and gun between schools, the more finicky the stripers will become. Seventy-five percent of the time, there is no need to run and gun on schools of stripers. They are constantly circling back to the same bait balls.


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