Open Water Scattered Albies

Capt. Ross Gallagher shares tips for targeting scattered albies in open water using the Hogy 5inch Charter Grade Slider and a quick search pattern presentation. The Charter Sliders can be retrieved at fast speeds to quickly cover unproductive water, while the lures larger profile calls fish in from a distance.

Blind Casting Albies

Tips For Blind Casting Open Water Albies

1. Approach scattered schools slowly, plowing into sparse feeding albies can push fish out of the area.

2. Determine the general direction where fish popped up recently, search the surface for signs of nervous water, bait or birds. Try to blind cast towards any activity. If zero signs of life are present, cast where you predict the fish were moving.

3. Use long casts, fast retrieves and short rod tip twitches for a fast-paced, aggressive retrieve that creates a lot of commotion. This can draw fish in from a distance, even with limited signs of activity.


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