Pier & Dock Squid Fishing

How to fish for squid from a pier or dock

Piers and docks offer one of the most accessible methods for targeting squid. While squid fishing is seasonal in most locations, some areas offer opportunities to target them year-round. Tackle for targeting squid doesn't need to be complicated, your favorite medium weight inshore setup with a 2500 - 4000 size reel will be more than capable of putting squid in the bucket. 

Two Techniques For Pier Squid Fishing:

A: Casting Method (SIMPLE METHOD): In areas with limited current, shallow waters or during slack tide, casting squid jigs on light leader will often be the most effective method for catching squid. The Hogy Squid Jig is perfectly weighted for horizontal sink, perfect for pier and dock fishing with out having to deal with sinkers or excessive gear. Simply tie your squid jig directly to light 15lb fluorocarbon leader, cast out towards deep water. Allow the jig to sink until it hits bottom, then begin using a twitch - twitch - pause retrieve. Make sure to allow several seconds for the jig to sink slowly back down towards the bottom. Pay close attention to your line, as the strike from a squid can often be subtle. Repeat this retrieve working the jig back towards shore.

B: Jigging Method: The most common method for targeting squid, utilizes a heavy sinker fish below a high low rig consisting of one to three squid jigs above the weight. We recommend keeping the lowest jig six to ten inches above the weight, then stagger the remaining jigs every eight inches. The jigging method can be casted a short distance from the pier, allowing the rig to hit bottom, then use a slow lifting motion to slowly jig the rig through the water column. This rig can also be fished vertically along pilings or structure below the angler. 


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