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{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"The Sand Eel Vertical Jig is designed to be the ultimate imitator of one of the ocean's most prolific baitfish, the sand eel, a favorite prey for a multitude of predatory species including tuna and striped bass. With its slender, uniform design, this jig is not just for casting; it excels in vertical jigging, offering a versatile approach to deep-water fishing."}]}]}


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Jigging for Bluefin Tuna | Hogy Sand Eel Jigs

Capt. Mike Hogan and Eric Harrison head East of Chatham searching for tuna feeding on sand eels. When fish are suspended mid-water and near the bottom grubbing on sand eels, the Hogy Sand Eel Jig is an excellent presentation for getting deep quickly and covering the water column.

Jigging for Yellowfin Tuna | South of Martha's Vineyard

Capt. Mike from Salty Cape and Hogy Lures loads up his 28' Contender and steams South of MV in anticipation of fishing some of the warmer water pushing into the area. With fish holding in deeper water and feeding on sand eels, the name of the game was jigging for yellowfin and bluefin tuna.

How To: Jigging Through Sand Eels for Striped Bass

Large plumes of sand eels have flooded the outer Cape over the past few weeks, creating conditions for excellent striper fishing. In this video, Capt. Mike shares a few tips for when you are marking bait and bass, but can not get them to notice your jigs.

How To: Vertical Jigging For Stripers In Cape Cod Bay

Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Cullen Lundhold of Cape Star Charters heads out to deep water in Cape Cod Bay targeting finicky Stripers feeding on Sand Eels suspended in 70' - 90' depths. Using subtle jigging techniques, they connect on some nice stripers using the 7.5" HD Pro Tail Eel and 2.5oz Sand Eel Metal Jig.

How-To: Snap Jigging Sand Eel Jigs For Striped Bass

Watch as the Hogy Crew targets suspended Stripers feeding on sand eels. During this trip, we utilize a unique style of jigging called Snap Jigging. This technique is accomplished by using short, sharp rod tip snaps to quickly twitch the Sand Eel Jig imparting erratic action while keeping the jig at a specific depth in the strike zone.

How To: No Bait Fluke Fishing

Capt. Mike of Hogy Lures and walks through how to target Fluke in Nantucket Sound with no bait! With the help of the Hogy Jig-Biki Rigs, Capt. Mike is able to target a magnitude of groundfish species with no bait!

How To: Plan B Cod Fishing South of Martha's Vineyard

Capt. Mike and the Salty Crew head out to Coxes Ledge, a well-known cod fishing spot, south of Martha's Vineyard. When tuna fishing fails, cod fishing is a good back up as these fish are easy and fun to catch!

How-To: Haddock Fishing With Hogy Sand Eel Jigs

It's the early season on Cape Cod as we head to Stellwagen Bank in search of shoals of haddock in pursuit of sand eels with Hogy Pro Capt. Robert Lowell of Cape Cod Offshore Charters. Today's greasy calm seas make for a picturesque day of filming while Rob fills the cooler to stock up the freezer and match a batch of fresh fish tacos.

Offshore Jigging Cod | Haddock | Pollock with Hogy Jig-Biki Rigs

Not every trip to the tuna grounds ends up in success (as much as we'd hope it does!). Fortunately, there is world-class groundfishing opportunities for Cod, Haddock and Pollock in the same waters. In this video, Capt. Mike Hogan shows off Hogy's new Jig-Biki Rig paired with our Heavy Flutter Pitch Jig for slow-twitch style jigging groundfish to fill the cooler. We utilize the same spinning and conventional outfits used for tuna casting and jigging to jig up a nice assortment of tasty groundfish species.

Spring Haddock Jigging - Stellwagen Bank

We filmed this haddock video a couple weeks ago, and man did it feel good. We were "twitch jigging” in attempt to avoid snagging “by-catch” cod, which sometimes happens on “fast style” jigging where the jig spans a greater area in the water column with sharp hooks and soft cod bodies. Capt. Rob and I each had the same rigs, the 5/0 Crystal Jig-Biki rig paired with the 6.5oz Pink Sand Eel jig. His rig was tipped with sea clam, mine was not! I can’t say I out-fished Capt. Rob but I certainly did as well as he did. AND I made less mess! (No foul hooked fish either!)