How-To: Snap Jigging Sand Eel Jigs For Striped Bass

Watch as the Hogy Crew targets suspended Stripers feeding on sand eels. During this trip, we utilize a unique style of jigging called Snap Jigging. This technique is accomplished by using short, sharp rod tip snaps to quickly twitch the Sand Eel Jig imparting erratic action while keeping the jig at a specific depth in the strike zone.

Vertical Jigging Striped Bass With Sand Eel Jigs


1. Cast across or downwind while leading the cast ahead of stripers.

2. Use short, sharp twitches while tending line slack with the reel.

3. Work varying sections of the water column by retrieving vertically or dropping slack to allow jig to sink.

4. Always pay close attention to slack line while snap jigging. Strikes often occur on the sink.


Rod: 7' Shimano Legend MH

Reel: Shimano Stella 3000

Line: 15lb Power Pro Slick

Leader: 30lb Fluoro

Lure: 5.5" - 1.25oz Hogy Lures Slowtail Swimbait

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