How To Fish Shoreline Rips for Stripers

Shoreline rips that occur around structure or points are often great spots to find big fish on light tackle close to the beach. The best shoreline rips have some sort of mix or combination of deep areas, holes; drop-offs, rocks, boulders, and deep basins. Moving water means confused bait so blind casting in an organized manner is the ticket.

Hogy Shore Fishing Rips Stripers

Shore Line Rips Approach: Shoreline rips are best fished working your lures with the current, imitating naturally drifting forage. Work your lures at a 45-degree angle, swimming them across the current. Work a variety of depths from the surface to the bottom to locate feeding fish.

1. Begin your first series of casts well above the rip and continue working closer to the rip.
2. As you drop into the rip, extend your casts.
3. As you extend your casts, let your bait sink deeper. Working the entire water column.


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