Sight Casting Surface Cobia Using Slowtails

Capt. Ross Gallagher shows us how to sight cast to cobia schools over structure offshore using the Slowtail Swimbait. Having a rod rigged and ready with an appropriate lure is key for quickly pitching to cobia when they surface.


1: Lead your cast ahead of surface swimming cobia. Pay close attention to the swimming

direction of the fish before casting. Avoid casting directly on top of the fish.

2: Allow the Slowtail Swimbait to sink for a few seconds, putting it in the strike zone.

3: Use sharp rod tip twitches to jig the bait

vertically. Allow pauses for the lure to slowly sink.

Gear List:

Rod: Sewell 8' Heavy Spinning

Reel: Shimano Twinpower 10k

Line: 50lb Power Pro Braid

Leader: 50lb Fluorocarbon


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