Casting to Stripers in Boulder Fields & Reefs

Stripers use the structure as it supports a whole food chain, providing the opportunity to ambush unsuspecting baitfish swept by the current. 85% of the fish you catch in or around the structure will be during the peak portions of the tides but the other 15% caught at slack tide might be your biggest!

Boulder Casting Striped Bass

Play The Wind: Onshore winds also tend to produce more waves or the kind of “white water” that bass, especially larger ones, prefer. If the tide is moving over the structure, the smaller fish will be upfront and on top and often the larger fish will be a little deeper and farther back into the structure.

Be Tactical: Notice EVERYTHING. For example, a bunch of birds sitting on rocks “watching” suggests that “something” recently happened (which means it might happen again) or the birds think something is about to happen based on their past experience.


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