The Hogy Inshore System: Rigging

RIGGING: We always carry a wide selection of rigging options to complement our Inshore System. For unrigged softbaits, we carry a variety of swimbait hooks, jig heads, and soft circle hooks. For our favorite jigs and plugs, we carry an assortment of replacement inline single hooks, trebles, and split rings along with the necessary tools to simplify the rigging.

Inshore System Rigging Categories

Treble Hook: VMC’s 9626PS series of 2x trebles come standard on our smaller “casting" jigs and plugs. These hooks are strong and hold up very well in salt water.

Inline Hook: The incredibly sharp VMC 7266 Inline Hook is best used on larger jigs and plugs. Inline hooks offer a wider hook gap and are favored for catch and release applications.

Bucktail Hooks: These VMC 7266 Inline Hooks are adorned with attractive hand tied bucktail material for added attraction and movement. Commonly used a replacement hook on larger jigs and a rear hook replacement on plugs.

Assist Hooks: Designed for vertical jigging applications with metals and Hogy Epoxy Jigs®. These heavy duty rigs come standard on our best selling vertical jigging lures.

Split Rings: Heavy Duty Split Rings off a simple and reliable method for attaching various rigging options to your favorite Hogy Lure!

Swimbait Hook: The most popular way to rig topwater soft-baits. Screw keeper into the nose and park the hook through the belly and out the back. Bury the hook point for a weed-resistant presentation.

Jig Head: Jig head rigging is ideal for vertical jigging and casting presentations where lure is fished near the bottom near the bottom.

Barbarian Series: The strongest jig heads on the market. Upgraded 4x strong for tarpon big stripers and school tuna. The cheek-locking V-curve of the VMC hook speeds up hook set, locks in fish, and significantly strengthens hook. +25% improved hook-up rate.

Soft Circle Hooks: The Hogy soft-circle hook features Hogy own twist-on screw lock holder and ensures solid jaw-hook-ups and healthy releases. With minimal hardware inside the bait, the Hogy Soft- Circle Hook allows for maximum soft bait action.


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