The Hogy Inshore System: Softbaits

SOFTBAITS Softbaits come in many shapes and sizes, but they can really be broken down into two styles: Action Tails and Eel Tails. Softbaits come “unrigged” or “pre-rigged” at the factory. Unrigged softbaits are customizable, can be rigged weedless and often have more movement in the water than pre-rigged baits.

Unrigged baits are generally less durable. Pre-Rigged baits are easy to use and do not require rigging instruction. Since they are designed from scratch around the rigging that is molded in, they typically have their swimming action built-in. They are the easiest to use and high-end versions like ours are more durable than virtually all unrigged plastics. Most “pre-rigged” softbaits are not able to be rigged weedless.

What To Look For:

1) Shallow Water: Tail that moves at slow speeds.

2) Slow Jigging: Eel or action tail.

3) Fast Retrieves: Heavy-duty paddle tails and weight.

4) Topwater and Weedless action: Lots of action, weed resistance.

The Line Up:

Hogy Slowtail Striper Fishing

Slowtail: Slowtails solve a couple of problems. For starters, they have a ton of action when fished at the slowest of speeds. This is important because there are situations such as casting to summer tarpon where the lure needs to be very slow to get bit, but also have lots of action. Secondly, a lightly weighted pre-rigged softbait is often too light to kick a paddle tail, so this “lightly weighted version” also allows an angler to fish in very skinny water in flats and estuaries without snagging bottom. Fish very slowly, rod tip at 45-degree angle.

Unique Feature: This lure’s thin, outward-facing twin tails will vibrate and offer exaggerated action at the slowest of slow speeds. The tails are so long and so thin that this lure can be substituted for an “eel tail” design.

Primary Technique: Casting subsurface

Speed: Slow

Style: Attractor

Zone: Inshore

Hogy Protail Eel Striper

Protail Soft Sand Eel: Most popular with our Northeast anglers as an imitator for sand eels. Our latest version comes in air brushed two-tone olive white pattern, highly imitative of a sand eel, this lure will swim with very little action on a straight retrieve which mimics a sand eel’s pattern perfectly. Short rod tip snaps will bring extra “life” to the bait. This lure spends equal amounts of its time in the water as a casting lure and a jigging lure. A medium speed retrieve is great for casting. Sharpie anglers know this lure is deadly on a slow jigging style. Extremely durable for high volume days.

Unique Feature: The lead weight inside our Hogy Protail Soft Sand eel is long and evenly distributed, resulting in a spiraled decent on the drop which makes for a deadly slow twitch jigging presentation with long slow rod sweeps when mimicking sand eels.

Primary Technique: Jigging, Casting lighter versions

Speed: Slow + Medium

Style: Imitator

Zone: Inshore, Universal and Offshore Versions available

Hogy Protail Paddle Striper

Pro Tail Paddle: This simple lure is a well-proportioned paddle tail built tough enough for large tarpon and tuna. Fish this lure with straight medium to fast retrieve at the same 45-degree angle. One tip worth mentioning here is to speed up your retrieve, pause for a few seconds, maybe 2 or 3, then continue at a medium retrieve speed. This deadly technique will draw FOMO-induced reaction strikes.  Various weights of the Pro Tail Paddle are available for deeper presentations when necessary.

Unique Feature: Perfect paddle tail. Strongest in its class. Protail plastic durability and a variety of weight options.

Primary Technique: Casting

Speed: Slow + Medium

Style: Imitator

Zone: Inshore, Universal and Offshore Versions available

Hogy Original Tarpon

The Original: This lure was our first design and is still much beloved by many Hogy fans old and new. This long and slender topwater/shallow water softbait has fooled countless snook, tarpon, and stripers. Made with hand-poured virgin plastic in Indiana, you’ll quickly understand what this lure is going to behave like in the water as it droops over both sides of your hand. Think of a piece of fettuccine in the water and you get the idea. The beauty of this bait is that it can be rigged weedless both lightly weighted and unweighted with our premium swimbait hooks. 

Unique Feature: You have to see the action to understand how good it is.

Primary Technique: Casting

Speed: All Speeds

Style: Attractor

Zone: Inshore and Universal Versions available

Protail: HD 7.5" 2.25oz Eel

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