Topwater Albie Fishing | New England Fall Run

In this video, we join Capt. Ray Jarvis of Salt of the Earth Sportfishing for a day of chasing False Albacore in upper Buzzards Bay. With the New England fall run in full swing, the crew encountered large schools of False Albacore feeding heavily throughout the morning. The key to success was the Hogy Surface Eraser fished on a fast "skippy" retrieve. The single hook on the Hogy Surface Eraser made for a quick and healthy release!

Hogy Surface Eraser Skippy Retrieve

Skippy Retrieve: Begin your retrieve with your rod tip at a high angle upwards, use a fast speed retrieve to allow the Surface Eraser to skip and dart across the surface, with occasional dives underwater. Begin dropping your rod tip angle as the lure gets closer to the boat.


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