Topwater fishing for bluefin tuna, it doesn't get much better than this! In this video, Capt. Mike is joined by Capt. Rob Lowell of Cape Cod Offshore Charters as they head offshore of Cape Cod in search of bluefin tuna. What has primarily been a jig bite going on off of Cape Cod this year has quickly turned into bluefin tuna skying out of the water on topwater plugs!

California Bluefin Tuna Surface Poppers Diagram


1. Once surface activity has been located, slowly motor to the outside edge of the feeding area, making sure to quietly approach the school.

2. Make a long cast towards the outside edge of the surface activity.

3. Use a slow, sharp twitching motion for surface popping action. Utilize occasional 5-10 second pauses for finicky fish.


1. The clear popper is a top choice when fish are ultra finicky, work the popper very slow across the surface feed.

2. Work the popper softly and with long pauses when the bite is tough.

3. Downsize your offering to the 5.5" popper when micro-forage is present.


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