Video: Troll Scan Tuna

Troll scanning is a great way to cover ground while fishing all levels of the water column. I refer to this technique as a hybrid between trolling and jigging.  While I’m at idle speed, I will send two lures way back on jigging or casting rods. I generally like fishing two of the same type of lure to avoid tangles while turning as both lures will react the same way. If I see anything – ideally, targets on a fish finder but signs could be surface milling bait, whales, bird life or nervous water — I’ll take the boat out of gear and let the jigs drop for at least 60 seconds, at most a few minutes, for a good target before raising them to the top again with the boat back in gear. Incidentally, the lures rising back to the surface is when most strikes happen on the troll scan. If it’s a long drop on good targets, I’ll fire two jigs over the side on the targets. Sometimes all hell breaks loose and multiple rods will go off. Champagne problems as they say.

Gear List:

Rod: Shimano Terez 7' Heavy Spin

Reel: Shimano Stella 14000

Line: 65lb Power Pro



  • Troll 2 lures way back on casting or jigging outfits.

  • Keep an eye on fish finder.

  • If you identify a target, take the boat out of gear to let the baits drop.

  • Once you feel your lures sink to the desired depth, put your boat back in gear.

  • Sometimes surging the boat will help draw a strike.


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