Video: Tuna Jigging

It was the perfect day to fish this lure as the finicky tuna were feeding on large oceanic sand eels. We were trolling large squid rigs at the BC Bouy where we were marking tuna but were unable to catch them on the troll. We shifted gears and switched to the jigging rods. We cruised around for a few minutes at 5kts until we marked fish again and dropped the jig. The fish hit the jig on the drop, which was a very SUBTLE strike. Just a slight bump. Instinctively I knew to close the bail and reel down on that fish as fast as I could. 

Gear List:

Rod: Sewell Custom 400g Jigging Rod

Reel: Shimano Stella 20k

Line: 100lb Jerry Brown Hollow Core

Leader: 130lb BHP Wind On Leader 

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