Create Your Own Video

Join the #HogyFishing Video Program

We love to see Hogy gear in action! Create and share your own Hogy video with the #HogyFishing Video Program and receive a $50 gift card to the Hogy store.

Follow our video checklist below and submit your video for a chance to be posted on our website and our social media pages!


Must be filmed in a horizontal format (min 1080 x 1920p). Our standard video format can be filmed in any device. High quality cell phone video, action cameras or DSLRs are all great! Great audio makes for a great video; make sure we can clearly hear your voice. On windy days, it may be best to do your audio dockside and out of the wind. Each segment should be a different clip that is no longer than 15-seconds and can be sent via to jamie@hogylures.

Part 1: Sitting or standing in front of camera, interview format. Each clip short and sweet; under 20 seconds

Set the Scene

  1. What’s your name and where are you fishing?
    “Hi, my name is Mike Hogan and I am fishing off Martha’s Vineyard”
  2. What are you fishing for?
    “Today, I am fishing for striped bass”
  3. What season is it and what bait fish are in the area?
    “It’s June, so that means the stripers here will be eating large squid"

Gear List

  1. What rod and reel are you using?
    “I am using a 7’ Shimano Terez Rod paired with Saragossa 5000”
  2. What test line and leader are you using?
    “I have this rod set up with 40lb Braid and 30lb Flouro leader.”

Lures & Techniques

  1. What lure are you using?
    “Today I am using the Hogy Charter Grade Squid Lure”
  2. Why are you using this lure?
    “This lure perfectly imitates a fleeing squid getting chased by stripers. The color patters are so realistic. It casts really well and shed’s weeds here pretty well to. The water is weedy!”
  3. What technique/retrieve are you using?
    “I am fishing the swing with this lure. That means I am casting “up-tide” and cranking the lure straight in as it gets swept into the rip. The lure scoots in the surface and typically gets hit right as it is entering the rip.”

Part 2: Action Clips (Action Format)

The Fish: If possible, film the hook up of your fish. Fishing videos are all about action. Film the fight from different angles for a creative perspective. Please make sure to land the fish in an appropriate manner for the species. If catch and release, minimize time out of the water and showcase proper handling techniques to a health release. Try to keep the fish in the water as much as possible to avoid excessive stress.

  1. Panning Video of holding the lure in your hand, close up (5 to 10 Seconds)
  2. Panning Video of Reel and first (about) 18” of rod (5 Seconds) (5 to 10 Seconds)
  3. Video of you casting (Angle 1) (5 to 10 Seconds)
  4. Video of you casting (Angle 2) (5 to 10 Seconds)
  5. Video of working the lure (Angle 1) (10 to 30 seconds)
  6. Video of working the lure (Angle 2) (10 to 30 seconds)
  7. Video of working the lure (Angle 3) (10 to 30 seconds)
  8. Video of Hook up (Hard to Get - The more the merrier)
  9. Video of you Fighting Fish (Angle 1) (10 to 15 Seconds)
  10. Video of you Fighting Fish (Angle 1) (10 to 15 Seconds)
  11. Video of you properly landing fish (Hard to Get - The more the merrier)
  12. Video of Fish going into cooler or getting released. (10 to 15 Seconds)

Part 3: Recap - Interview Format

Summarize: What challenges did you face? How did the Hogy Lure and presentation make the catch possible?

“The stripers were too keyed in on bait today it was hard to get them to bite but the Charter Grade Slider mimicked the movement of an injured bait fish so well that we managed to hook a few.”