Block Island Stripers: Topwater Plugs & Giant Eel Softbaits

In this video we join Capt. Ray Jarvis of Salt of the Earth Sportfishing as we steam south towards Block Island in pursuit of large Striped Bass. A mix of throwing large topwater plugs and jigging large plastics resulted in a stellar trip filled with screaming drags, sore arms, and giant Striped Bass! Follow along to get a taste of what Block Island has to offer!

Block Island, a picturesque gem off the coast of Rhode Island, has garnered a reputation as an angler's paradise with its thriving striped bass fishing scene in recent years. The island's pristine waters and diverse marine ecosystem have led to an abundant population of large striped bass. This boom in striped bass fishing has not only drawn seasoned fishermen seeking thrilling challenges but also attracted novices eager to partake in the island's fruitful waters. As the island continues to preserve its natural habitat and support sustainable fishing practices, the striped bass fishing phenomenon on Block Island shows no sign of slowing down, promising an unforgettable experience for years to come!

Big Topwaters For Open Water Stripers:

Dogwalker Blind Casting Diagram

Approach: We were blind casting a wide area while tactically drifting boulder fields in 25', keeping an eye on the horizon for surface activity. We would see the occasional fish roll, but most of our action occurred while blind-casting a mix of rips and upwellings. Fish were keyed in on various larger forage like squid, herring and pogies.

1. Long Casts: The XL Dogwalkers 3.5oz weight allows for ultra-long range casting. Utilizing a quick walk-the-dog retrieve you're able to cover a lot of ground while locating actively feeding fish.

2. XL Size Gets Noticed: Spouting a hefty 8.5" length these plugs imitate big forage to get large stripers motivated to track it down. Noisy rattles inside the XL Dogwalker call fish in from a distance in choppy conditions.

Oversized Eel Softbaits For Stripers After Dark:

Vertical Jigging Slappy Eel Stripers

Tip 1: Use lightweight jig heads around slack tide. Increase the jig heads weight as the tide or the current builds.

The Barbarian Jig Head is known to be durable, strong and reliable, especially when fishing with light tackle.

Looking for the perfect depth and structure combination, the guys cruise around waiting for the tide to turn.

Tip 2: Drop the Slappy jig all the way to the bottom. Keep the bait in contact with structure.

Once they find the right structure and schools they are looking for, they drop the lure straight down to the bottom and begin vertical jigging.

Tip 3: Use short, sharp rod twitches to impart a dancing action in the bait.

By lifting it up two or three feet, the baits are still within view of the fish in the area, which usually strike on the drop.

Tip 4: Fish generally bite on the drop. Be prepared for hook-sets on any small taps you might feel.


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