Charter Grade Poppers

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"The Charter Grade Popper has been carefully tuned to present the perfect pop and sputter action with minimal effort. Available in multiple sizes and weights, through-wired for inshore and offshore applications. The Charter Grade Poppers feature multiple rattle chambers for extra sound and vibration."}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"Keeping in tune with their “Charter Grade” namesake, the Popper is available in only a handful of fishy colors that catch fish, not fishermen. The rigged version comes pre-rigged the way a professional would fish them “out of the package”."}]}]}


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Topwater Poppers For Cape Cod Bay Stripers Feeding On Squid

In this video, Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Cullen Lundholm fish overcast calm conditions for larger striper feeding on squid. Using the Hogy Charter Grade Popper in Amber, they are able to imitate large squid for some impressive topwater popping action!

Topwater Albies - Charter Grade Poppers

Few fishing techniques will get the heart pumping like an aggressive Albie exploding on your popper at first light. Hogy’s 4-inch Charter Grade Popper offers an ideal weight to length ratio, perfect for long range casting with an imitative baitfish profile. A must for any Albie angler’s tackle tray.

How To Clinic: Fishing Top Water Poppers Around Structure For Stripers

Join Capt. Mike for a few pointers in a clinic format for casting poppers on light tackle in and around structure for stripers. In this video Capt. Mike showcases how to fish structure for striped bass, the best way to approach structure, recommended tackle and lures, and what to expect.

Topwater Stripers | Hogy Poppers | Monomoy

Capt. Mike Hogan heads out through the fog to the rips off of Monomoy. In this video Capt. Mike is using the Hogy Charter Grade Popper in pink and amber to imitate the squid these stripers are feeding on.

SoCal Bluefin Tuna | Hogy Charter Grade Poppers

Epic Blitzes, topwater blowups, and screaming drag. What's not to like? In this video we head over to the west coast to join Hogy pro staffer, Capt. Morgan Promnitz, as he targets schoolie bluefin tuna using both clear and translucent pink Hogy Charter Grade Poppers.

Topwater Bluefin Tuna | Hogy Charter Grade Poppers

Topwater fishing for bluefin tuna, it doesn't get much better than this! In this video, Capt. Mike is joined by Capt. Rob Lowell of Cape Cod Offshore Charters as they head offshore of Cape Cod in search of bluefin tuna. What has primarily been a jig bite going on off of Cape Cod this year has quickly turned into bluefin tuna skying out of the water on topwater plugs!

Topwater Blackfin Tuna | Charter Grade Poppers

Capt. Ross Gallagher and Capt. Chris Britton of Grey Ghost Fishing Charters in Stuart, Florida head offshore in search of exciting fall Blackfin Tuna action around deepwater structure using the Hogy Charter Grade Popper for exciting topwater action!