Topwater Poppers For Blackfin Tuna

Capt. Ross Gallagher and Capt. Chris Britton of Grey Ghost Fishing Charters in Stuart, Florida head offshore in search of exciting fall Blackfin Tuna action around deepwater structure using the Hogy Charter Grade Popper for exciting topwater action!

Topwater Poppers for Blackfin Tuna Fishing


1. Locate surface feeding tuna by looking for signs of bird activity or free jumping tuna near structure or current rips.

2. Utilize the "walk-and-gun" style approach, using slow steady speeds to approach surface feeds without sending fish down.

3. Use long casts with the popper to work the outside edges of feeding activity.

4. Use a slow popping action for a subtle, surface walk the dog action for best results.


Walk and Gun Approach For Topwater Tuna Diagram

1. Pressured tuna can be line shy. Utilize light 30lb fluorocarbon leaders.

2. Clear and Semi-Translucent popper colors are best for imitating micro-forage.

3. Use long distance casts when ever possible to reach surface feeds without spooking fish.

4. Heavy action inshore tackle offers the greatest casting range, while providing enough backbone for landing feisty blackfin tuna.


Rod: Daiwa 7' Heavy Back Bay Spinning

Reel: Daiwa Saltist 6000 Spinning Reel

Line: 30lb Daiwa J-Braid

Leader: 30lb Fluorocarbon


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