Groundfish: Scup Jigging

Drifting structure for scup

Strategy: Using your fish finder, look for a rocky bottom with deep holes, ledges or drop offs. You can count on finding scup or pogies around most structure in 100-feet or less. Like most other salt-water species, they’ll be moving with the current on both the incoming or outgoing tides. Some shore anglers do better on either side of high tide as water may get to shallow at the bottom stages.

Hogy Jig Biki Rig 3/0 : The heavy gauge wire makes it difficult to set the hook with an undersized fish, which will reduce the risk of injury to small, fragile fish and reduce the time spent catching undesirable fish.

Tactical Jig: Hogy Squinnow Jig Scup are surprisingly aggressive when it comes to lures. You’ll want to drop the jig to the bottom and target the bottom 10-feet of the water column. You’ll find the best success with short and slow jigging motions; scup have small mouths and you want to give them the time to get the hook. Sometimes, I will re-rig with an inline 1/0 Live Bait hook.


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