How To: Casting Big Topwater Plugs for Striped Bass

Spring has Sprung! In this video, we join Capt. Cullen Lundholm of Cape Star Charters aboard his beautiful 33' Conch. There's been a consistent topwater striper bite at the West End of the Cape Cod Canal, with lots of fish in the 40"+ range. This gave us a perfect opportunity to fish the new Charter Grade XL DogWalkers paired with the Hogy Hybrid Spinning Rod!

Our lasted addition to the DogWalker Series, The XL DogWalker offers classic "Walk The Dog" action in a through-wired Tuna Grade Body. Ideal for targeting various species feeding on oversized forage, this massive 9" topwater draws fish in from a distance. Based on our popular 6" Charter Grade DogWalker, this floating topwater offers easy-to-impart walk-the-dog action with slight rod tip twitches on a slack line.

Dogwalker Blind Casting Diagram

Approach: We were blind casting a wide area while tactically drifting boulder fields in 25', keeping an eye on the horizon for surface activity. We would see the occasional fish roll, but most of our action occurred while blind-casting a mix of rips and upwellings. Fish were keyed in on various larger forage like squid, herring and pogies.

1. Long Casts: The XL Dogwalkers 3.5oz weight allows for ultra-long range casting. Utilizing a quick walk-the-dog retrieve you're able to cover a lot of ground while locating actively feeding fish.

2. XL Size Gets Noticed: Spouting a hefty 8.5" length these plugs imitate big forage to get large stripers motivated to track it down. Noisy rattles inside the XL Dogwalker call fish in from a distance in choppy conditions.



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