How To: Shallow Water Tarpon Swimbaits

In this video, we showcase simple techniques to effectively target spooky tarpon laid up in shallow water using the Hogy Slowtail Swimbait Series. The techniques taught in this video will work anytime tarpon are staging in very shallow water.

How-To 3 Steps:

Sight Casting Tarpon

1: Carefully approach the school as to not disturb the feeding cycle. I prefer the position myself upwind / current from the school and drift into position. Using a shallow water anchor to quietly stake off whenever possible.

2: As hard on your nerves as it is, be patient with your cast! If possible, wait for an opportunity to cast ahead of a moving school. The goal is to come across their nose at a 45-degree angle, leading them by no more than 3-4 feet, even closer in stained water.

3: After you’ve made your cast, begin the retrieve immediately. Point your rod tip towards the water and use a slow, steady speed to swim the Slowtail just below the surface. The slower the better 99% of the time. Resist the urge to twitch or pause the lure once a fish begins tracking the bait. Any sudden movements often spook weary tarpon.

Gear List:

Rod: 7' Heavy Sewell Tenax Spinning

Reel: Diawa Saltist 4000

Line: 30lb Power Pro Braid

Leader: 60lb AFTCO Saiko Fluoro


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