New Jersey Ghost Bluefin Tuna

We head on with Captain Rob Radlof of Waterman charters in search of the notoriously hard to catch late fall New Jersey "Ghost" Bluefin.

During our trip the fish were keyed in on micro hake and rain fish, making it exceptionally difficult to get bit. We switched gears from topwater and soft baits and found success working the mid-water column using Hogy 2oz Epoxy Jig Lures in Anchovy.

Gear List:
Rod: 7' 6" MH St. Croix Mojo Tuna Jigging Rod
Reel: Shimano Stella 10k
Line: 65lb Power Pro Slick
Leader: 80lb Fluoro
Lure: 2oz Hogy Epoxy Jig Anchovy - 7/0 Assist Hook

Our Recommendations

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