Seabass Squinnow Jig-Biki Jigging Cape Cod

Capt. Mike Hogan shows us how to use the Squinnow Jig-Biki Rig for targeting big Cape Cod Seabass.

Our ready-made rig with premium mono featuring two of the deadliest teasers known to fish! The “sabiki” version is a scaled-up version of the deadly bait rig, matching the teaser assist hooks on our larger jigs. The tube version, used in our Diesel Mack Rigs, presents some chafe resistance and a larger profile in the water. Either rig can be fish as a teaser rig -or- as a bait rig. The beauty of the rig is that if your bait gets stolen, you're still in the game with the teaser which is perhaps 85% as effective “naked”.

Hogy Seabass Jigging Technique Diagram

Strategy: Sea bass love wrecks; any wreck you see on your chart would be a good place to start. Otherwise, similarly to scup, any bottom structure such as rocks, live bottom, drop offs, holes and ledges are also tell-tale, fishing hot spots when targeting sea bass.

Tactical Jig Hogy Squinnow Jig: (Shallow) In 25’ or less I tend to favor the slow rounded shape of the Hogy Squinnow jig. Not only is the jig less prone to snags, but the lure also has a fluttery action with slow short jigging motions. If the current gets too strong, the smaller more compact Heavy Minnow jig will hold bottom better.


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