Shore Fishing: Back Bay

Back Bays are great for alot of reasons. The first step is identifying the tide direction. You want to fish on the side the tide is moving toward. Although this is a light tackle fishery, big fish get inside, particularly in the spring and fall.

Shore Fishing Back Bays

1. You want to be on the open water side when the tide is flushing out the baitfish that were up and inside during high tide, serving as a buffet for bass outside waiting in ambush. Fan casting either side of the opening will do the trick. If the tide banks to one side over the other, you want to be on the inside opening, but if that is inaccessible, both sides will fish.. 1 hour into high tide is ideal. The water needs to be really moving to set up the “buffet”.

2. The inverse is true on the incoming tide.

3. Any tributaries feeding into the bay will fish well at the early stages of the outgoing tide. Move to the larger opening once this start to dry up.


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