Shore Fishing: Canal

Canals are great when you know fish are likely to be in the area. With such high volumes of water running by your feet each minute, there is endless potential for bait and fish to blow-by. The challenge here is how to deal with such fast-moving water. If fish are holding deep, which they are in canals 85% of the time, you’ll be required to fish the swing.

Shore Fishing Canal

1. Cast up tide and let your bait sink to the bottom. How far you cast up tide will be dictated by the current conditions and the amount of lead you are throwing.. The goal is to situate your cast so that the lure is touching the bottom when it’s perpendicular to you. The fishing really starts when the lure begins to “swing.” If you are having trouble getting down with a paddle, switch to an eel or a metal.

2. When fish are feeding near the surface. Utilize topwater presentations using the Popper or Epoxy Jig skipped along the surface. Be sure to cast well up tide and retrieve your lure through the swing.


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