Schools of baitfish get swept by the tide over the sand bar or reef, making them vulnerable to stripers that are lying right on or behind the tip line, waiting in ambush to pick off unsuspecting prey.

Striper Trolling Rips

Swinging a Rip Trolling Approach

  1. Approach the rip head on.

  2. About 200 feet in front of the rip, begin a turn to start positioning the boat so that it is parallel to the rip.

  3. Keep heading this direction until the lines are almost parallel to the rip or maybe 20 feet in front of the rip.

  4. Turn up tide, and away for the rip. This will allow your lures to swing over the rip in a horizontal presentation before changing direction to follow the boat up tide. This is where the strike will usually occur.

  5. Once the lures pull out of the rip, repeat the process. NOTE: You can walk back and forth over a tight area.


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