Striper Search & Drop Jigging

With the recent developments of fish-finding technology, this technique is becoming more and more popular. In this technique, you are literally cruising around looking for targets to drop on. Search and Drop is the most tactical variation of jigging in that the captain and crew work hand in hand ready to coordinate the drop. Each angler is poised and ready for the drop at a moment’s notice.

Striper Search and Drop Jigging

Search & Drop Jigging Approach:

1. Identify an active area.

2. Find a happy cruising speed, maybe 8 knots for searching.

3. Have anglers holding their rods at all times, ready to free spool their lure at a moment's notice.

4. Along with watching the electronics, constantly look for changes in the water and be ready to cast at any water that looks "pushed" or otherwise altered.


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