Striper Surface Blitz

Typically blitzes occur during the peak portions of the tides; at times when there are large amounts of baitfish concentrated in the area.

Striper Blitz Casting

1. Location: You want to get in front of the school but also give them a wide birth so they don’t sense your approach. Typically, your best option is to cast in front of the school or the edges, allowing the fish to find your lure. If possible, approach from the windward side which will allow you the greatest distance from the school while still maintaining reachability.

2. Slow Approach: One common mistake is to run boat right up on the school; even though the fish are feeding heavily, getting too close too aggressively can put the fish down.

3. Have Options: Having a number of rods set up with different lures is helpful as you can switch quickly and efficiently from one option to another to find out what they are “dialed in”.


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