Surface Dogwalker Rips Stripers

Capt. Ray Jarvis hosts this exciting topwater-filled video targeting finicky striped bass holding in rips selectively feeding on sand eels and squid using the Charter Grade Dog Walker. When the tide slacks off, Capt. Ray switches gears and shows us how to us the Squinnow Jig to target stripers holding in deep water near the bottom.

  • Fishing Strategy: Follow the tide and bait to find fish as they migrate through the area in waves.
  • Fishing Locations: Focused on rips around Vineyard Sound and Elizabeth Islands, catching fish in shallow waters.
  • Fishing Techniques: Employed both topwater and jigging methods, adapting based on fish behavior and water conditions.
  • Identifying Bait: Larger birds indicated fish feeding on squid; used lures mimicking squid.
  • Adaptation: Changed techniques as tide and fish behavior shifted; started with topwater plugs and switched to jigs when necessary.
  • Observations: Fish were concentrated around specific structures and humps, requiring strategic casting and retrieval.


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