Tuna Twitch Jigging

Twitch jigging is a variation of the Slow Jig with the only difference being a series of sharp fast twitches in the rod. It’s almost like you are vibrating the lure with rapid rod tip twitches.

This technique works particularly well with the Hogy Sand Eel Jig. Its long, slender profile responds with a lot of jerking rod tip motions. The huge benefit of this technique is that you can really dial in a certain depth. This is a useful method when “sniping” fish you have identified on the fish finder.

Twitch Jigging Benefits:

  1. You're able to stay in a key strike zone for a very long time.

  2. Faster motions might trigger a reaction strike.

  3. Allows metal lure depth and softbait action.

Hogy Tuna Twitch Jigging Diagram

Twitch Jigging Approach:

  1. Drop to a specific depth that you are targeting.

  2. Twitch your rod with fast, short movements.

  3. Every few moments, change the depth by 10-feet and repeat.

  4. Once you have too much line out from the boat, reel in and repeat.


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