Light Tackle Tuna Trolling on Spinning Tackle

Tuna Harness Jigs are great options to quickly deploy a spread for scattered tuna. Due to their streamlined profile and lightweight, these flat line spreads can be deployed using tuna jigging tackle when traditional trolling tackle isn't present.

Troll Scan Tuna Trolling

Flat Line Trolling Harness Jigs

Trolling Technique: This spread is best trolling at 4-8 knot speeds. Speed is usually determined by sea state and how aggressively fish are feeding. Slow speeds in rough conditions, faster trolling in greasy calm conditions. When fish are located on the fish finder, drop the boat out of gear for 30 to 60 seconds. This pause allows the Harness Jig to sink deep in the water column, after the pause, resume trolling speed, giving the lure a quick pulse towards the surface. Most strikes occur during this pause and drop technique.

Flat Line Clips: Starting with a flatline clip, you want to thread the flatline clip through the cleat so it is secure and then, if applicable, send the flatline clip out the scupper. Grab the running line, reach over and connect it to the flatline clip. This creates a low profile and you’ll need less line to get the lure in the proper position. Let the harness jig out so it is roughly twenty-five to forty feet back.

No Flat Line Clip Option: If you don’t have a flatline clip, you can use a rubber band. You want to calibrate it where you think you want the harness jig and then take the running line and the rubber band, fold it over the line to keep the angle low, and, although some people clip it on the handle, Capt. Mike personally puts it on the reel seat for a much lower presentation.

Gear List:

Rod: Shimano Terez XH 7' Spin

Reel: Shimano Stella 20k

Line: 130lb Jerry Brown Hollowcore

Leader: 130 Fluoro Wind-On


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