Video: Striper Fishing in the Fog

Captain Mike Hogan and Capt. Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters show us how to locate and catch blitzing bass on SE Barbarian Eels in the fog using Raymarine Chartplotters & Radar.

Gear List:

Rod: Medium action 7' M St. Croix Rod

Reel: Shimano Saragosa 5000

Line: 30lb PowerPro braid

Leader: 30lb fluorocarbon leader tied via double uni knot. 

Fast Jigging

Fast jigging is associated mostly with metals but is suitable for weight soft plastics and Hogy Epoxy Jig® Lures, too. The bites tend to be more violent but you need to also pay careful attention to bites on the drop.  Fast jigging is the best way to cover all levels of the water column and can often draw reaction strikes. It’s very hands on and interactive.


  1. Drop to the bottom

  2. Engage and reel quickly while jerking the rod while cranking.

  3. Stop at the maximum depth where you expect to leave the fish one.

  4. Drop back to bottom and repeat.

  5. Once you have too much line out due to boat drift, reel all the way up and start over.


  1. Easily cover all levels of the water column. The speed is good in that you can cover all the levels frequently.

  2. The speed is also good for drawing a reaction strike.

  3. Speed jigging is a good way to cut down on dogfish bites.

  4. Heavy Jigs and frequent re-positioning ideal for heavy currents

Recommended Rigging: Classic Barbarian Jig 10/0 (1/2oz, 3/4oz)


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