Playbook Bundle: Striper Cast & Jig (14pc)

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Kit Contents:

Playbook Bundle: Striper Cast & Jig (14pc)

Striper Casting Kit: This comprehensive kit features our favorite striper casting lures including Charter Grade Surface Eraser, Charter Grade Poppers, Hogy Epoxy Jig Lures and Protail Paddles.

(1) Charter Grade Surface Eraser: One of our favorite striper "search baits" is perfect for covering ground quickly to find actively feeding stripers. Imitative of a variety of forage, these plugs are best fished using a medium-speed steady retrieve with an occasional pause imparted.

(1) Charter Grade Popper: Our best-selling topwater striper plug, the Charter Grade Popper draws rod-jarring strikes from the aggressive striper. Fish in traditional pop and stop retrieve for exciting topwater action.

(2) Hogy Epoxy Jigs: These ultra-versatile jigs imitate a variety of forage including sand eels, herring, peanut bunker, and small mackerel. A favorite when stripers become extra finicky. We recommend pairing with light leader and imparting varied retrieves.

(2) Protail Paddles: Our best-selling softbait paddle tail lures, the Protail Paddle has been a best-selling product since it's release. Easily cover the entire water column by using the "count-down" method. We recommend using a medium-speed, reel-pause-twitch retrieve for best results.

(1) Protail Eels: A shore caster's favorite for bouncing bottom for finicky stripers feeding on eels and sand eels.

(1) Northeast Inshore Playbook: Learn how to simplify your fishing techniques to catch more fish. Each playbook features in-depth how-to instructions for productive techniques, gear tips, lure retrieves, and insight from veteran Hogy Staff.

(1) Stainless De-Hooking Tool: These heavy-duty stainless steel de-hookers are perfect for safely
releasing tuna, stripers, and other medium to large gamefish species.

Protail: 7.5" Eel Olive 2.25oz HD

Casting / Jigging

Protail: 4.25" Paddle Olive 1.25oz


Protail: 5.5" Paddle Bone 2oz


Protail: 6.5" Paddle Bone 2oz


Charter Grade 4" Surface Eraser : Olive 3/4oz


Charter Grade 4" - 3/4oz Popper: Translucent Pink


Charter Grade 5.5" - 1 5/8oz Popper: Translucent White


Charter Grade Dog Walker: 1.75oz - 6inch Bone


Charter Grade Dog Walker XL: 3.5oz - 8.25inch Glow


1 1/4oz Epoxy Pink In-Line VMC Hook


2oz Epoxy Olive In-Line VMC Hook

Casting / Jigging

3.5oz Sand Eel Jig: Olive - Inline

Casting / Jigging

NE Inshore Playbook Printed

70-Page Printed Guide

Stainless De-Hooking Tool

Safely Release Your Catch


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