3 Effective Retrieves for the Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure®

In this great new video, we cover the three basic retrieves when casting Epoxy Jigs for Bonito and Albies in a variety of conditions.

Retrieve A: Skippy Retrieve (Surface)

One of the most exciting techniques for using the Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure® is the Skippy Retrieve. This retrieve allows the Epoxy Jig to quickly skip and jump along the surface, simulating a fleeing baitfish (panic mode), and drawing some of the most explosive topwater strikes from aggressive Albies and Bonito. This is a favorite technique for fishing around dense schools of baitfish, greasy calm conditions, and for finicky fish.

Retrieve B: Tip Down Retrieve (Sub-Surface)

The Tip Down Retrieve can range in speed from slow to fast but specifically utilizes a downward pointed rod tip and twitching rod tip action to pop, dance, and flutter the Hogy Epoxy Jig below the surface. Oftentimes a the Tip Down Retrieve utilizes the "count down method" for a deeper, subsurface presentation. When finicky fish retreat below the surface, target mid-water depths by allow the jig to sink for several seconds before beginning the retrieve.

Retrieve C: Slow and Low (Ultra-Finicky)

The easiest retrieve style retrieve to use, the Slow and Low Retrieve utilizes a 45 degree rod angle with a slow paced retrieve with occasional rod tip twitches. This is a great retrieve to allow the Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure® to show if it's sexy side to side wobble on the steady retrieve. We recommend this retrieve for extremely finicky albies and to utilize light 10lb - 12lb fluorocarbon for best results.


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