Capt. Mike's Albie Playbook (5 Techniques For Catching Albies)

The Salty Cape Film Crew had a great Albie kick-off last week and took the opportunity to film an A-Z Albie Season Playbook Video. This extensive video will walk you through each technique we use to target Albies in a variety of conditions successfully.

Contents of This Video

0:00 Intro

01:00 Approaching schools of fish

01:45 Walk n' Gun technique

02:57 Hooked up!

05:24 Making Drifts technique

05:57 Run n' Gun technique

06:50 When to use a Hogy Slowtail

07:45 Color choices

09:01 Hooked up!

10:15 Attractor colors in action

11:38 How to fish Hogy Epoxy Jigs

14:40 Crimping barbs

15:52 How to fish metals

16:49 Understanding albies

18:07 How to fish plugs

18:58 Pop n' Fly technique

19:58 The Hogy Albie System

27:05 Outfit

29:58 Takeaway


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