Casting To Albies On Peanut Bunker

How To Peanut Bunker Albies

Massive schools of peanut bunker in the summer/early fall can be some of the most exciting fishing there is with massive explosions and epic top-water feeds.

That said, there are times when there is such an abundance of peanut bunker that albies seem to be bucket feeding through the schools and you can find yourself having difficulty getting their attention with a single lure.


A key strategy here is to “work the parameter” of the schools. Target your casts along the outsides of the bait balls/feed. You want to simulate a peanut bunker that has been separated from the school in hopes that you will cross paths with albies that have been separated from the feeds too.

Often times these are the larger fish too that are less aggressive. Focus on catching fish you don’t see rather than the albies you can see that are myopically focused on the large schools of peanut bunker.

Break Down:

  1. Gear up for long-range casts with the idea being that the longer the lure is in the water, the more isolated fish your lure could meet along the way.
  2. Use longer leaders than usual. As your lure will be on its own, albies will have better optics. The albies have plenty of food on the table, and they can afford to be picky. Also, think about downsizing your leader. I usually use 15lb for albies but will downsize to 10lb if I have to in order to seal the deal.
  3. Slow your slider down, let it pause and sink. Sliders have a horizontal sinking presentation which nicely simulates an injured baitfish making its way.
  4. Speed your smaller lures up. Simulate a peanut bunker that has been chased out of the bait ball and incite the competitive nature that is ingrained in stripers and albies.


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