Early Season Topwater Stripers

Capt. Rob Lowell of Cape Cod Offshore Charters shares a great early season topwater schoolie bite with Capt. Mike Hogan near the West End of the Canal. The fish were feeding on very small baits, but surprisingly responded best to oversized topwater plugs fished quickly on the surface.

1. Long Drifts: Study wind and tide to determine the drifts trajectory. This may be in an area with lots of birds hovering, baitfish marks on the finder, or slicks associated with bait. Blind casting in open water is a numbers game. The more casts you make = the more commotion in your area = more fish in your area.

2. Drifting: Avoid running over the area that you want to fish in order to position your drift.

3. Tip: If there is more than one angler casting. Each angler should be using a different lure to more quickly “crack the code".


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