How To Troll Plugs for Deepwater Tarpon

Capt. Ross Gallagher walks through trolling techniques for targeting finicky tarpon suspended in deepwater channels using the Hogy 5" Swimming Plug. Designed to swim at 10' - 12' depths, this trolling plug effectively targets the feeding zone of suspended tarpon when trolled at slow speeds. Tarpon trolling is common in certain geographic regions, but is largely and untapped method of target tarpon across the South East.


Speed: Tarpon will often be selective in lure direction and trolling speed. I've found that speeds around 3mph allow the plug to reach it's target depth while moving slow enough for lazy tarpon to follow the plug and strike. 

Direction: Presenting your trolling plug naturally will result in more strikes. Most often, bites will occur when the plugs are trolled with the current direction, appearing as a bait traveling naturally with the current.

Action: Try not to impart too much jerking action with the rod while trolling. Tarpon often respond best to steady retrieve action.

Rigging: It's recommended to use a single, large in-line hook on the belly hook hanger. While some strikes may be missed due to a single hook, it's a much safer option to work with boat side for the fish and the angler in the landing and de-hooking process.



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