No Outrigger Bluefin Tuna Trolling + Hogy Directional Bird Bar

Capt. Mike Hogan shows us how to deploy a 5-rod no-outrigger tuna spread using the Hogy Directional Tuna Splash Bird Bars for trolling scattered tuna in Cape Cod Bay.

Hogy Directional Bird Bar Trolling Spread

Small Bar – Big Squids: The ultimate light tackle bar with a big punch.  Strong enough for 100+lb fish. Easy to manage on light tackle (TLD 20 siz) and traditional gear (50 class size). Oversized wings spray water up to 24" and are made of a semi-rigid plastic that reduces breakage when the bar hits the deck.

How To:  Capt. Mike Has Two Approaches:

Match the Hatch Mode: An entire spread of IMITATOR colors to simulate a clearly defined species-specific bait-ball. *e.g., Entire spread of olive colors to simulate a school of sand eels.  

When To Deploy: The local forage is obvious.

Buffet Mode: This is the “something for everyone” approach. A mix of bright ATTRACTION colors and natural hues. *e.g., One of every color.

When To Deploy: The local forage is not obvious. ALSO when fish are finicky

Gear List:

Rod: Hogy Hybrid Trolling Rod

Reel: AVET LX6 2-Speed

Line: 65lb Power Pro Braid

Top Shot: 65lb Mono


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