School Bluefin Tuna Trolling | Simple 4 Rod Spread | South of MV

Capt. Mike from Salty Cape and Hogy Lures loads up his 28' Contender and steams South of MV in anticipation of cashing in on a hot school Bluefin Tuna bite. With the fish being scattered, he name of the game was deploying a simple 4-rod spread of the Hogy Directional Bird Bars. These bars are ideal for any angler who doesn't have or doesn't want to deal with outriggers on their boat.

Hogy Bird Bar Trolling DiagramDeployment and Distance: Begin deploying directional bird bars first. Port and starboard birds should be placed the furthest back in the spread (150' - 200'+). (Further distance back will increase outward tracking on directional bars). Once directional birds are deployed, center line "straight" birds can be sent back (75' - 100') a shorter distance to create a "W" shaped spread.

Today's Location: The area South of MV (Martha's Vineyard) is a renowned and highly sought-after destination for tuna fishing. With notable spots like "The Claw" and "The Dump," this region offers exceptional opportunities for targeting both yellowfin and bluefin tuna. Its unique combination underwater plateaus and swift currents creates the perfect habitat for tuna populations, attracting them in large numbers. The warm waters of the Gulf Stream, coupled with the proximity to the continental shelf, contribute to the abundance of baitfish and seasonal tuna migrations. Whether targeting bluefin or yellowfin, anglers can expect a thrilling and rewarding fishing experience in the waters South of MV.

Capt. Mike's 30 Minute Tuna Trolling Search Pattern Diagram30 Minute Trolling Search Pattern: From a starting way point, begin trolling in an rectangular pattern. Starting in short periods of 1 - 2 minutes, gradually increase each turn for a few additional minutes. This pattern will allow you to thoroughly cover a wide area in a short period of time. Any hook ups should be marked on your plotter to quickly circle back on productive areas.


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