How To Fish For Stripers Casting Rips


In a rip line caused by a sand bar, schools of baitfish are getting swept by the tide over the sand bar or reef and made vulnerable by the commotion of the rip. Stripers who like to make eating as easy as possible, will lie right on or behind that rip line in ambush, picking off unsuspecting prey.

Striper Casting Rips

1. Stem the tide with your boat just in gear with enough thrust so as to just hold your position.

2. Pick a good spot in the rip where a u-shaped gully with points on either side of it have formed

3. Cast up tide and somewhere between parallel and 30-degrees toward the rip line. Once the lure hits the water, your focus is to get control of the line with minimal slack between you and your lure.

4. Now let current move the bait toward the stripers that are waiting in ambush. While the bait is drifting down tide impart action in the lure and your reeling is more for eliminating slack than to propel the lure forward. If you time it perfectly, the lure will start swinging into the rip and directly behind your boat just at or behind the rip line.


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