Video: Small Boat No Outrigger Spread


Q: What's the best tuna trolling spread to use on my center console without outriggers? 

HS: The best spread for trolling without outriggers is the Pocket Splash Bird Bars. These 18inch Titanium Pocket Bars feature a heavy-duty, buoyant EVA foam body. This design allows the bars to float on the surface at rest, allowing you to troll normal spread configurations without the worry of your bars sinking or tumbling. 

Hogy Directional Bird Bar Tuna Trolling Diagram

How To: This 5 rod spread features (4) 18inch Squid Pocket Splash Bars. Generally, we mix up colors to see what fish are responding to on a given day. 

Recommended colors: Amber Squid, Olive Sand Eel, Green Mack, Rainbow. 
They are fished from the rod holders first and second set of rod holders. Stagger the birds in a "W" Pattern, starting at 75' behind the boat. Place the second bar about 50' further back. 

Optional Recommendation: When possible, run one or two 6oz Harness Jigs just off the stern using flat line clips. These can be run 30' - 60' off the transom. 

Tips: This spread can be trolled from 4.5knts - 8.5knts depending on sea state. Generally, the smoother conditions are, the faster we troll. Minor spacing adjustments to bird placement may be needed to adjust for individual boat wakes and sea conditions.



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