Video: Trolling for Tuna with Flexi-Bars

Q: Where should I place my spreader bars in a 7-rod spread? 

HS: The strategy here is to create a massive bait ball effect with our spread. Four 40inch spreader bars are run in an exaggerated "W" pattern. A single 18inch Splash Bird Bar is fished down the center Way Way Back. One or two 5oz Harness Jigs are fished in close from the flat line clips.

How To: This 7 rod spread features (4) 40inch Flexi-Spreader Bars. Generally, we mix up colors to see what fish are responding to on a given day. 

Recommended colors: Butterfish, Shrimp, Rainbow, Green Mack.
configure the bars with a "W" pattern. Starting with the first bar about 100' feet back, flank that bar with a second 40inch Flexi-Bar at 150'. On the opposite side, begin at 125' and flank the fourth bar at 150'. On the center line, run an 18" Pocket Splash Bird Way Way Back around 250' - 300'. From the corner flat lines, drop back 5oz Harness Jigs at 30' and 60'. 

Recommendation: When possible, run one or two 5oz Harness Jigs just off the stern using flat line clips. These can be run 30' - 60' off the transom. 

Tips: This spread can be trolled from 4.5knts - 8.5knts depending on sea state, generally, the smoother conditions are, the faster we troll. Minor spacing adjustments may be needed to adjust for individual boat wakes and sea conditions.

Gear List:

Rod: Shimano Terez Trolling Rod

Reel: Shimano Tyrnos 30

Line: 40lb Momoi

Boat: Fortier 30


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