The Hogy Inshore System

INTRODUCTION TO HOGY: Whether it’s casting, jigging or trolling for saltwater gamefish, each lure in our lineup has a specific job to be done. If we can’t easily argue the “why” for any of our specific products, we simply won’t produce it.

OUR PRODUCTS: We believe in a simple and systematic approach to fishing. We divide all casting and jigging lures into three categories: Softbaits, Jigs and Plugs. Each lure type is classified by primary technique, lure speed, style and zone. We make inshore, universal (inshore and offshore up to 180lbs) and offshore (extra heavy duty) versions across our product lines product line.

THE COLLECTION: This collection offers a sampling of our most iconic product lines that represent who we are as a tackle company and why we offer them. While there is only one size and color per product line, there is not a single fishery on earth where you would find yourself empty handed with this collection. Many lures in this collection are universal, meaning that they can be fished both insure and offshore on any gamefish up to 150lbs. If new to our company and who we are, this collection is an excellent place to start as it comes with instructions on how to use each of these lures, why we offer them and how they will up your game, wherever you are fishing! - Capt. Mike