The Hogy Inshore System: Jigs

JIGS: Most jigs can be casted or jigged. Many anglers fish casting jigs with trebles and vertical jigs with single or “assist style hooks” where a single hook swings freely from the lure. Lure speed is an important factor to be aware of with jigs, your choice to fish fast (cover range of depths, draw reaction strike) or slow (imitative, sluggish fish, one important depth) will dictate which profile to use. Color is about either “attraction” or “matching the hatch.”

What To Look For:

1) Slow/Medium Topwater Presentation: Lightweight, narrow design. Will allow “hang time” in the strike zone at slower speeds without sinking. A properly “keeled” (balanced with a medium to low center of gravity) lure will swim best.

2) Long Range Fast Retrieve: Heavy, evenly balanced weight. Punches wind. It covers ground with long casts and speed.

3) Imitative: Natural size, shape, and color to match the hatch.

4) Slow Jigging: A profile that somehow offers action when the lure is sinking and retrieved at slow speeds. Allow time in the strike zone.

5) Fast Jigging: A profile that allows for fast descents and fast retrieves. Elicits FOMO reaction Strikes.

The Line Up:

Hogy Epoxy Jig Bait Imitator

The Epoxy Jig Lure: This lure literally does it all and is often the “If I only had just one lure” list of expert anglers. The Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure is an OUTSTANDING topwater casting jig, that can be fished tip down slow and low, the medium angle at medium speeds, and tip-up with a fleeing baitfish skipping action. Rigged with a single or inline hook, the Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure can be jigged on a slow pitch or snap jigging presentation as the jig will flutter naturally on the descent. In heavier weights, it can be jigged medium-fast.

Unique Feature: Painstakingly keeled to accommodate all fishing styles.

Primary Technique: Casting and Jigging

Speed: Slow, Medium, and Fast

Style: Attractor and Imitator

Zone: Inshore, Universal and Offshore

Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig Albie

The Heavy Minnow: This jig is all about long casts and fast retrieves. Thick body relatively short body results in superior wind punching and stability at high speeds. The stubbier profile also results in great hook sets and fewer missed fish. The Heavy Minnow makes a great switch hitter for vertical jigging for groundfish like sea bass when the topwater bite is slow. Sinks quickly in current and has the ability to be fished fast.

Unique Feature: High width to length ratio.

Primary Technique: Long Range Casting

Speed: Medium and Fast

Style: Attractor and Imitator

Zone: Inshore, Universal

Hogy Squinnow Groundfish Jig

The Squinnow Groundfish Jig: This bait is deadly on small groundfish like scup, sea bass, and snappers. Its rounded body with a low center of gravity results in a very juicy action when jigged slow.

Unique Feature: Rounded belly, short thick design, Small jigs can be fished in deeper water with good flutter.

Primary Technique: Jigging for groundfish

Speed: Slow Bottom

Style: Attractor and Imitator

Zone: Inshore

Hogy Sand Eel Jig Striper

The Sand Eel Jig: The name says it all. This lure is designed to perfectly mimic a sand eel that may be the most prolific baitfish in the world. With its long slender uniform design, the lure can be casted and fished at a fast retrieve. The Hogy Sand eel jig is perhaps more popular with tuna and striper jiggers alike to mimic sand eel, hungry predators. Sand eels can be fished in “twitchy style” and on a slow pitch. Like all jigs, they can be fished fast and slow but this lure really shows off on a slow pitch or rapid twitch when dropped to where fish are marked on the finder.

Primary Technique: Jigging and Casting smaller versions

Speed: Medium and Fast

Style: Imitator

Zone: Inshore, Universal, Offshore

Hogy Peanut Bunker Jig

The Peanut Bunker Jig: Here’s another lure where its name suggests its shape. This lure is a perfect replica of a peanut bunker.

Unique Feature: This lure has a high center of gravity with a tapered slop to the belly of the lure which results in a wobbling action when retrieve at just the right medium speed.

Primary Technique: Casting

Speed: Medium

Style: Imitator

Zone: Inshore

Hogy Flutter Pitch Sea Bass Jig

Flutter Pitch: This fat thin jig is all about the slow pitch! This lure is specifically for vertical jigging and comes pre-rigged with a pro-grade teaser assist hook. The Flutter Pitch Jig is designed with a flat Body with a raised elevation along its lateral line results in a deadly flutter when fish slowly. This lure Is very light relative to its size which means you can have a bigger bait offering without too much weight for the depth. This lure is ideal for commitment-phobic fish that need a lure in its face for a long while, with action to elicit a strike.

Unique Feature: The lure fishes as well on the drop as it does on the pick-up due to its “flutter action.

Primary Technique: Slow Jigging to cover a variety of depths.

Speed: Slow

Style: Attractor

Zone: Universal, Offshore


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